Digital Technology and Culture

Through a historical, rhetorical, and cultural understanding of digital media, this program combines creative production and critical exploration to prepare you to communicate both locally and on a global stage.


  • Pullman
  • Tri-Cities
  • Vancouver

Degree Types:

  • Bachelor's
  • Certificate
  • Graduate Certificate
  • Minor


  • Interdisciplinary courses explore global changes brought by digital media 
  • Get hands-on experience putting your ideas into action through speech, and both visual and written forms 
  • Community-based learning allows you to develop digital media products in a collaborative environment for community organizations 
  • Use the latest technology for designing and distributing digital works


Creative Media and Digital Culture (Vancouver) focuses on web design and development, digital publishing, social media and SEO strategy, virtual and augmented reality, and more. 

Digital Cinema, Sound, and Animation (Pullman) focuses on moving image creation and critical commentary through the examination of the history, production, and cultural impact of technologies like sound, film, and animation.

Digital Design (Pullman | Tri-Cities) focuses on visual communication and adaptive design for diverse communities, including graphic and multimedia design, content creation, and information visualization. 

Game Studies and Design (Pullman) focuses on the histories and theories associated with interactive media and video games 

Web Design and Development (Pullman) focuses on web design, web coding, user experience, content management, information architecture, accessibility, and more.


With a Digital Technology and Culture degree, you can work in: 

  • Graphic design 
  • Social media consulting 
  • Web development and information architecture 
  • Media production 
  • Game design 
  • Data visualization
  • Internet marketing 
  • Editing and publishing 
  • Animation  
  • Project management

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Degree Options

Digital Technology and Culture

  • Pullman
  • Vancouver
  • Tri-Cities

Digital Humanities and Culture

  • Pullman

Digital Technology and Culture

  • Pullman
  • Vancouver
  • Tri-Cities

Film Studies

  • Pullman
  • Vancouver

Game Studies & Design

  • Pullman
  • Vancouver

Graphic Design

  • Pullman

Social Media

  • Vancouver


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