Data Analytics

College of Arts and Sciences

Program in Data Analytics

Learn the tools and techniques to create, manage, and exploit big datasets, extract information, and develop predictive models used by many different industries to make better decisions. 


  • Everett
  • Global Campus (Online)
  • Pullman
  • Vancouver

Degree Types:

  • Bachelor's


  • Multidisciplinary curriculum allows you to customize your degree 
  • Learning labs equipped with modern security-focused hardware and software systems and cloud-based solutions 
  • Senior capstone project with an industry sponsor allows you to apply your skills collaboratively 
  • Curriculum provides a solid technical background in math, science, and engineering 
  • Industry and university partnerships provide networking and internship opportunities
  • Join a math, science, and engineering residence hall, where you can study with your neighbors, get free tutoring, and use the hall’s computer lab 


Actuarial Science (Pullman | Everett | Vancouver) focuses on risk assessment and asset and investment management.  

Business (Pullman | Everett | Global | Vancouver) focuses on management consulting, data architecture, market research, and supply chain management. 

Computation (Pullman) focuses on large-scale data analytics and architectures and high-performance computing. 

Data Visualization (Pullman | Vancouver) focuses on the representation of data through graphics like charts, plots, animations and more.  

Economics (Pullman) focuses on forecasting, auction design, and e-commerce optimization.  

Environmental Systems (Pullman) focuses on geospatial analysis with geology, soil science, plant science, and ecology.  

General (Pullman | Everett | Global | Vancouver) offers you the flexibility to focus on the topics you’re interested in.  

Life Sciences (Pullman) focuses on bioinformatics and biomedical research and development.  

Physical Sciences (Pullman) focuses on cheminformatics, computational chemistry, and product and process development.  

Social Sciences (Pullman) focuses on adaptive learning, policy research, psychometrics, and program evaluation.  


With a Data Analytics degree, you can work in: 

  • Data science and database management 
  • Risk assessment and investment management 
  • Geographic information systems and precision agriculture 
  • Management consulting and market research 
  • E-commerce 
  • Education
  • Biomedical research and development
  • Cryptography 

Transfer Students

WSU accepts credit from Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and CLEP exams, associate degrees, Running Start and more.  

You’re considered a transfer student at WSU if you’ve received college credit post-high school.  

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Internships, Jobs, and Work-study

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Data Analytics

  • Pullman
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